Denominación de Origen Alicante

Delve into the captivating world of Alicante Designation of Origin wines, where history and innovation converge to create unique sensory experiences. Nestled on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, this region resplendent with wines that reflect the passion and diversity of its terroir.

The Designation of Origin Alicante is a symphony of contrasts. From the mountainous foothills to the sea breezes, each factor is mixed to give life to wines that strike a perfect balance between tradition and modernity. The Monastrell grape, the undisputed protagonist, rises to new heights here, displaying a rich palette of flavors and aromas.

Each glass is a window into the history of the region. The red wines, robust and full of character, tell stories of arid lands and warm winds. In contrast, bright, fresh whites reflect the Mediterranean light and marine freshness. The Alicante Denomination of Origin is a walk through vineyards that treasure centuries of passion for wine.

These wines transcend expectations, becoming a compendium of experiences in each sip. Whether tasted in intimate moments or in celebrations, a wine with the Alicante Denomination of Origin is always a toast to diversity and excellence. Discover the richness of Alicante in each bottle, and let yourself be carried away by a sensory journey that captures the essence of this unique region.

Bodegas El Sequé

El Sequé 75cl.
El Sequé Magnum 1,5l.

MG Wines Group

Riesling Monovar 75cl.
Adaras Aldea Ecológico Tinto 75cl.
Semsum2 Blanco 75cl.
Tilenus Godello Monteseiros 75cl.
Tilenus Envejecido en Roble tinto 75cl.
Tilenus Pieros 75cl.