Denominación de Origen Bierzo

Discover Bierzo, a wine corner that captivates with its magic. In this Spanish region, the wines tell stories rooted in their terroir. The Mencía grape is the star, creating red wines that are true poems to the land and climate.

Bierzo is a mosaic of flavors. Its red wines exhibit the intensity of wild fruits and herbaceous touches, while its elegant structure reflects the patient work of its viticulturists. Diverse soils and microclimates add complexity to each bottle.

Each glass is an encounter with the passion of those who cultivate these lands. Bierzo is a region where tradition meets innovation, creating wines that arouse curiosity and delight the palate. In the heart of Spain, Bierzo wines are a tribute to authenticity and a love of winemaking. Toast with a Bierzo wine and immerse yourself in the experience of flavors and aromas that exude the charm of this region.

Bodega Martín Códax

Cuatro Pasos TTO.
Cuatro Pasos Rosado