Denominación de Origen Madrid

Welcome to the Denomination of Origin Madrid, a place where the passion for wine and history meet to create exceptional experiences. In the heart of Spain, this wine region offers a surprising diversity that reflects its rich tradition and innovative spirit.

Wines with the Madrid Denomination of Origin are a sensory journey through enchanting landscapes and unique terroirs. From rich reds to fresh whites, each bottle tells the story of the land and the hands that cultivated it. The Garnacha grape, among other varieties, flourishes here in a mosaic of flavors and aromas.

Explore the authenticity of Madrid through each glass. The red wines offer depth and character, with notes of ripe fruit and spices that awaken the senses. The whites, for their part, display freshness and elegance with floral and citrus aromas.

The Denomination of Origin Madrid is a tribute to the passion of viticulturists and oenologists who have perfected their art over generations. Each bottle is an invitation to discover the wine richness of this dynamic and surprising region. Toast with wines that speak of the past and the future, and discover for yourself why Madrid is so much more than the capital of Spain: it is a paradise for wine lovers.

Bodegas El Regajal

El Regajal Selección Especial tinto 75cl.
El Regajal Selección Especial tto. Magnum 1,5l.
Las Retamas del Regajal tinto 75cl.
Las Retamas del Regajal tinto Magnum 1,5l.