Denominación de Origen Navarra

Delve into the exciting world of Navarra Designation of Origin wines, where history and land merge with each sip. Located in the north of Spain, this wine region is a treasure trove of diversity and tradition that captivates the senses.

Navarra is a kaleidoscope of wines that reflect its rich heritage. From deep, elegant reds to fresh, vibrant rosés, each bottle tells a unique story. The Tempranillo grape, accompanied by other native varieties, is transformed into wines that capture the essence of the landscape and the varied climate.

Navarra Designation of Origin wines are an invitation to explore. Its aromas arouse curiosity with notes of ripe fruit and subtle spices, while in the mouth they display a range of flavors that surprise and delight. Each wine is a sensory journey through the valleys and mountains where it was born.

In Navarra, innovation and passion are intertwined with tradition. Each harvest is a tribute to the land and the commitment of the viticulturists who work with dedication. Whether in an intimate meal or in a festive celebration, Navarra Designation of Origin wines become accomplices in memorable moments. Discover the authenticity of Navarra in each glass, and toast an experience that celebrates history and flavor.

Bodegas Artazu

Santa Cruz de Artazu tinto 75cl.

Bodega Martín Códax

Pagos de Araiz Rosé