Denominación de Origen Rueda

We invite you on a journey through the enchanting landscapes of Rueda, where freshness and elegance merge into wines that capture the very essence of the region. Welcome to the Rueda Designation of Origin, a place where tradition and innovation intertwine to provide you with an unforgettable wine experience.

Located in the central plateau of Spain, Rueda is a land of vineyards that celebrate the Verdejo grape, a unique variety that flourishes under the bright sun and gentle breeze. Each cluster reflects the personality of the terroir and becomes the basis for fresh and vibrant wines that the most demanding palates will fall in love with.

Rueda wines are the manifestation of the passion to preserve the authenticity of the land. From young and fruity whites to complex and refined, each bottle exudes the essence of the Verdejo grape and the commitment of producers who work in harmony with nature.

The Rueda Designation of Origin is proud to offer you experiences that awaken your senses with its explosion of aromas and intoxicating freshness. Each sip is a journey through citrus and floral notes, a walk through the freshness of the region that transports you to the fields of vineyards that stretch out before you.

At Bebidas Córdoba, we invite you to discover the freshness of Rueda, to savor the innovation that flows in each glass, and to delight yourself with wines that capture the radiant spirit of this designation of origin. 

Vallelado Sánchez S.C.

Campo Grande Verdejo 3/4

Bodegas Cuatro Rayas

Camdium 75cl.
Cuatro Rayas verdejo 75cl.
Amador Diez Rueda Bco. Verdejo (est.madera)

Bodega François Lurton

Les Fumées Blanches Sauvignon Blanc
Cuesta de Oro. Hermanos Lurton. Jaques & François.
Campo Eliseo Harmonía

Vinos Sanz

Sanz Verdejo
Sanz Sauvignon
La Chalada
El Loco de Finca La Colina
Finca La Colina Verdejo Cien x Cien
Finca La Colina Sauvignon Blanc