Denominación de Origen Vinos Afrutados de Andalucía

Welcome to the exciting world of Vinos Afrutados de Andalucía, where each sip is an explosion of flavors and sensations. In the heart of this sunny and vibrant region, the vineyards come to life to create unique wines that delight the senses.

The Vinos Afrutados de Andalucía capture the essence of the sun and the earth in every drop. The warm Andalusian climate is infused into the grapes, which are transformed into wines full of vitality and freshness. Its aromas evoke the intensity of ripe fruits: from juicy nectarines to wild berries, creating a symphony of fragrances that anticipate sensory delight.

On the palate, these wines are an embrace of lively and juicy flavors. Notes of peach, plum and citrus intertwine in a harmonious dance, while balanced acidity adds a touch of zing to every sip. They are wines that invite you to celebrate the joy of life and share unforgettable moments.

The Vinos Afrutados de Andalucía are much more than drinks; they are an expression of the passion and dedication of viticulturists who work in harmony with the land. Each bottle tells a story of tradition and creativity, offering a refreshing and lively experience that captivates seasoned palates and lovers of the good life alike.

Juan José Martínez Calabaza

Frizzante Descarao 75cl.