Wines of France

Delve into the sublime universe of the Wines of France, where oenological excellence and deep-rooted tradition come together in every bottle. From the graceful hills of Champagne to the sunny regions of Bordeaux and Burgundy, France is the cradle of wines that transcend time and the palate.

The Wines of France embody the very essence of sophistication. Each region, each strain, tells its own story through unique aromas and flavors. From the intense character of Bordeaux reds to the delicacy of Alsace white wines, each bottle is a sensory journey through the rich diversity of the French land.

The passion for quality and attention to detail have made France a leader in the wine world. The red, white and sparkling wines are true masterpieces, the fruit of the dedication of viticulturists and oenologists who have perfected their art over generations.

The Wines of France are not just drinks, they are shared experiences on every occasion. From celebrations to intimate moments, these bottles encapsulate the spirit of a nation that values ​​elegance and refinement. Discover the magic of France in each sip and toast the greatness of its wines, which remain in memory and on the palate.

Caves Emile Cheysson

Chablis Domaine de Varoux 75cl.
Pouilly - Fuissé Patrick Bressand

SAS Vignerons de Tutiac

Rose Allee Birkedal Hartmann 75cl.

Champagne Gruet SAS

Champagne Gruet Brut Selección 75cl.
Champagne Gruet Rose Brut 75cl.
Champagne Gruet Millesime.
Champagne Gruet Grande Reserve
Champagne Gruet Brut Selección 37,5cl.

Champagne Billecart - Salmon

Champagne Billecart - Salmon Brut Réserve
Champagne Billecart - Salmon Brut Rosé
Champagne Billecart - Salmon Blanc de Blancs