Denominación de Origen Vinos de La Tierra

In the vast and diverse world of Spanish wines, the "Vino de la Tierra" category emerges as a jewel that celebrates the authenticity and diversity of our wine-growing lands. In each bottle labeled under this denomination, there are stories of passion, terroir and an undeniable commitment to quality.

Vinos de la Tierra are a manifestation of the very essence of their regions of origin. Guided by the unique characteristics of the soil, climate and local savoir-faire, these wines stand out for their distinctive character and their ability to convey the soul of their homeland.

Each sip is a sensory journey through fields bathed in the sun and caressed by the characteristic winds of the region. From characterful reds to refreshing whites, each bottle is a testament to the dedication of vintners who cultivate their vines with respect for the land and tradition.

Vinos de la Tierra are a window to the wine diversity of Spain, an invitation to explore flavors, aromas and textures that connect us with the richness of our roots. In each glass, the nuances of the land that saw them born are displayed, and the authenticity that gives life to each wine is celebrated.

At Bebidas Córdoba, we are proud to present you with a selection of Vinos de la Tierra that capture the essence of our wine regions. Explore the legacy of deep-rooted traditions and experience savoring authenticity in every sip.

Bodegas Pago de Vallegarcía

Vallegarcía Hipperia 75cl.
Vallegarcía Hipperia Magnum
VAllegarcía Hipperia 3l.
Vallegarcía Petit Hipperia 75cl.
Vallegarcía Petit Hipperia Magnum
Vallegarcía Syrah tto. 75cl.
Vallegarcía Syrah magnum
Vallegarcía Syrah 3l.
Vallegarcía viognier 75cl.