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Bebidas Bendita Drinks

Carbonated Water, Iced Tea and alcoholic energy drink. Bendita is the true young alternative to beer. A hard seltzer with a pure flavor, very refreshing and with just the right amount of gas. It has only 86 kcal, it has no sugar and barely a point of alcohol, but even so, it promises strong emotions.

Tequila Río Grande Gold

After being distilled in small copper stills, Gold Tequila is worked with top-quality caramel to nuance its flavor, which gives it its characteristic flavor and color. Amber yellow colour. Sparkly. Sweet aroma with pleasant notes of agave. Dense on the palate, bouquet reminiscent of distilled agave. The end of the mouth is dry with notes of sweet citrus.

pago de los capellanes 2018 reserva

Selection of the oldest plots (80 years) within the Pedrosa de Duero vineyards. Alcoholic fermentation in a controlled manner, with the addition of native yeast selected from our best vineyards, for 20 days with daily pumping over. Malolactic fermentation takes place very slowly, without the addition of bacteria. Aged for 14 months in 300-litre fine grain French oak barrels. It is bottled without filtering or clarifying.

Viña pedrosa
Gran Reserva 2015

At sight, clean with a very good layer and a dark cherry red color with carmine tones and soft bricks, with lively reflections of youth. Sparkly. On the nose, complex. Elegant aging bouquet with hints of ripe fruit; evolves in the cup. On the palate, ample, ripe tannins, opulent and fatty, enveloping, with great structure. Aging tones in wood and in the bottle. Spicy nuances are also remembered.

Solideo reserva 5 litros
dehesa de los canónigos

The word "skullcap" means "alone before God." This brand has an enormous symbolic weight within the Dehesa de los Canónigos family which, after disappearing for some time and to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the winery, was recovered to name this wine, the most special of the house. Solideo is a reserve red that keeps the elegant essence of the flavor of the classics.

quinta apolonia

It is a different and very personal interpretation of Verdejo, which brings together two very different profiles of this variety: freshness and structure. Quinta Apolonia is the second wine from Belondrade, the winery run by enterprising French viticulturist Didier Belondrade, and is named after his eldest daughter, Apolline Belondrade.

regnard grand regnard

Pale yellow with green reflections. Aromas of orange, lemon and grapefruit, which give rise to the appearance of a lot of body, roundness and liveliness on the palate, as a sign of great aging potential.

Chablis louis latour
la chanfleure

Chablis is an isolated island of vineyards in the northern section of wine-growing Burgundy. Chablis "La Chanfleure" by Maison Louis Latour is the ultimate expression of what the Chardonnay grape is capable of on the famous Kimmeridgian limestone slopes of the region.

Camins del Priorat

This Priorat is characterized by an excellent fruit load, especially red fruit, due to its good acidity, freshness and sweet spot. An ideal red to get started in Priorat and in the work of Álvaro Palacios, in an affordable way and knowing that it is a benchmark in Spanish oenology.

Albariño Pazo de Barrantes
La Comtesse

The incredible aromatic fan that unfolds. La Comtesse 2017 includes aromas of ripe nectarine, quince fruit, hints of thyme, dill, fennel and on its unmistakable eucalyptus background. With volume in the mouth, tasty, structured, complex, creamy and a fresh and persistent finish.

Albariño Pazo de Barrantes Magnum

Wine unanimously recognized for its personal, seductive, fragrant and voluptuous style and for its magnificent ability to be preserved in the bottle over the years. At sight, lemony straw. On the nose, stone fruit, citrus, balsamic, mineral hints. On the palate, fresh, elegant, complex, expressive.

Albariño Pazo de Barrantes

This new Pazo Barrantes 2019 surprises us with a resolutely elegant and expressive nose; fine aromas of white stone fruit, citrus notes, balsamic nuances, acacia flower and laurel. Lively and fresh on the palate, with a fluid texture and a balanced, long finish.

vodka ciroc

Its flavor and body are powerful characteristics where sweet and dry flavors are combined, resulting from the conjunction between the grapes and the cereal. A very strong and full-bodied vodka, with a soft and fruity aroma and a mild but long-lasting flavor, also with the essence of fruit.

tequila 1800 blanco

Tequila 1800 white, made from the purity of 100% blue agave. The brief maturation of this tequila takes place for 15 days in American oak barrels, and then it is mixed with older tequilas. It is presented in a bottle with straight lines and a semi-pyramidal shape. It is transparent, it has an agave engraved on the base and its label is white with blue details.

tequila 1800 reposado

The maturation of the 1800 Reposado takes place in French and American oak barrels for a period of at least 6 months. It is presented in the classic 1800 pyramidal bottle, transparent, with the agave engraved on the base and, in this case, with a yellow label with red details. It has a capacity of 70 cl and an alcohol content of 40%.

errazuriz estate series chardonnay

The grapes for this Estate Chardonnay come from their own vineyards in the Casablanca Valley, an area with a cold climate that is located on the northwest side of the Chilean Coastal Range and less than 30 kilometers from the Pacific Ocean. The breezes that blow from the sea and the morning mists make this property an ideal place to produce cool-weather varieties, such as Chardonnay.

Gin mezquita Córdvba

Mezquita Gin Córdvba is the new Premium Gin distilled in the stills of Raza distilleries in the Heart of Andalusia. Touches of native herbs and an unmistakable orange blossom will transport us to the patios of Cordoba just by uncovering the bottle of this spectacular product. Gin distilled with juniper berries, coriander, cardamom, lime, angelica, lemon and aromas of orange and orange blossom, which gives it its own character, inspired by the aroma of Cordoba.

Tequila Clase Azul
Ultra Extra Añejo

Clase Azul Tequila Ultra is the jewel in the crown, with a tequila and bottle exclusively designed for collectors around the world. On his trip whose duration is almost 14 years. Its 5-year aging takes place first in American whiskey barrels and later in Spanish barrels that previously contained sherry, giving it a sublime touch.

Tequila Clase Azul Gold

Before nightfall, there is a moment where darkness embraces light. This precious moment inspired this fusion of distillates, pouring into a brilliant decanter that rests on its ceramic base painted like the night. Clase Azul Tequila Gold is an incomparable young tequila, a delicate combination of Clase Azul Tequila Plata, a subtle touch of special reposado tequila aged in French oak barrels and an extra añejo tequila matured in American whiskey barrels and finished in sherry barrels.

Tequila clase azul plata

Bright, crisp and fresh. Its artisanal elaboration process results in irresistible notes that combine softness with a touch of sweetness. Clase Azul Tequila Plata is a sublime experience for the senses. Ideal to be enjoyed alone.

Lalomba finca laliende rosado

Grapes harvested manually in 12 kg boxes, transported by refrigerated truck to the Lalomba winery in Haro, where they are pressed in 90-minute cycles. For the Lalinde estate, only the must from the first softer pressings is used. The must macerates with lees for three days at between 3 and 4 degrees. Fermentation takes place in exclusively designed concrete tanks. The aging lasts five months with its lees.

Villa de Corullón

The grapes come from less than 7 hectares divided into 200 plots owned by the winery located between 500 and 950 meters above sea level on slate soils. All plots are organic and biodynamic farming. The harvest is manual and once they arrive at the winery they are partially destemmed and fermented with native yeasts in oak vats for 43 days. Aged for 10 months in oak barrels and foudres.

Cloudy bay chardonnay

Cloudy Bay Chardonnay is for food connoisseurs and adventurers: refined, serene and balanced. Meticulously elaborated using traditional techniques, it is an authentic 'food wine'. The fruit of the vineyards in the stony soils of the Wairau Valley and the dense clay of the southern valleys work together to create a wine that combines ripe stone fruit and citrus elegance.

Cloudy bay sauvignon blanc

Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc put New Zealand on the map with its captivating flavor. His signature style is famous for its vibrant nose, luscious palate, and long finish. Stone fruit and citrus stand out, while minerality (think rain on river stones) adds balance. It is a wine that ages gracefully for a decade or more, if you can wait that long.

Chablis Domaine de Vauroux 2021

Clean and bright, light golden in color. This wine is tonic and balanced, highlighting a complex and warm bouquet. At once mineral and lively, this full-bodied and fruity Chablis brings out hints of grapefruit and pine. Chablis vines sit on Kimmeridgian soil and have the best exposure for a fresh, mineral wine. The Chablis terroir has a good balance of acidity and finesse.

Dehesa de Los Canónigos Albillo 2018

Between the Tempranillo vineyard of more than 80 years, of Dehesa de los Canónigos, interspersed, are located strains of albillo mayor. This grape with small grains, golden in color, has an interesting level of glycerol that adds smoothness to the wine.

Tequila volcán blanco

It is the result of a blend between agave from Valles and Altos. The agave from Valles is cooked in an oven, ground in a bakery and fermented in a wooden tank, while the agave from Altos is cooked in an autoclave, ground in a mill and fermented in stainless steel tanks. After the agaves go through these processes, they are mixed, resulting in this tequila.

Tequila volcán reposado

Made with 100% Blue Agave from the highlands. Free of additives. Each bottle respects the time and the aging process; a liquid that rests for 135 days in new American and European oak barrels. This allows for a complex interaction between the liquid and the wood.

mezcal clase azul guerrero

It is a truly unique piece. Beyond its beautiful decanter, its majestic flavor comes from a very rare variety of agave: the papalote agave. This plant grows wild in the Sierra Estado de Guerrero, where the notes combine the climate and flavor of the sea with the freshness of the green forests.

Mezcal clase azul durango

It is made from ash agave from the Durango area. Its artisanal distillation pays homage to the ancient craftsmanship of mezcal production. This tequila is presented with a translucent hue, conveying the purity of its medium body. Through its passage through the nose, it gives off citrus and herbal touches wrapped in olives, agave and cloves. On the palate, it releases the flavor of the aromatic body, adding light doses of wood, chocolate and fruity notes.

Tequila clase azul añejo

It is proof of the value of time. Its flavor and its bottle are a tribute to the Mazahua indigenous culture. The intense amber color and its complex aromatic variety are the result of a magnificent 25-month journey in American whiskey barrels. Clase Azul Tequila Añejo combines art, history and tequila of the highest quality, making it an expression that honors Mexican culture.

Tequila clase azul reposado

It is a 100% Agave Blue Tequilana Weber tequila. This tequila is produced in the Altos de Jalisco. Its elaboration process begins with a meticulous selection of organic agaves that are matured for a period of between seven and nine years, time in which the agaves reach their optimum point of maturation.


Malcorta is an almost extinct Verdejo grape, rescued by Javier Sanz Viticultor after years of research to make a unique wine. Traditionally, the Malcorta Verdejo was grown in the D. O. Rueda, but the difficulty of its harvest, hence its name "malcorta", condemned it to disuse. Javier Sanz Viticultor has reproduced the genetics of this clone because it provides elegant aromas and greater natural acidity.


Collection in boxes, selection by plots. Double selection as soon as it arrives at the winery to eliminate impurities. Cold room and cold crushed. Vatted in cement and stainless steel vats. Frequent punching down, skin maceration for 25 days. Transferred to barrels during malolactic fermentation, frequent battering of the lees for 2-3 months, aging for 10 months in single-wine barrels.


On the palate it shows the classic character of a Moselan Riesling: Very appetizing, reviving with each sip, fresh and even very harmonious. It comes from high-sloping vines in the Mosel River valley, which require almost exclusively manual cultivation. The brown/reddish Devon-type slate terroir lends elegance and mineral nuances to the wine.

  • Silver “Catavinum World Wine Competition”

100% white wine of the Gewürztraminer variety. On the nose spicy and floral aromas (rose petals). Fresh, harmonic and tasty on the palate, with high aromatic expression and really wide on the palate. Juicy, creamy and very fruity. Long and intense aftertaste reminiscent of spices (ginger) with yellow and red fruits.


The Mosel Valley, with its steeply sloping vineyards, offers us wines with a good mineral extract and full of flavours, thus being a typical example of Central European wine culture. A refined fermentation stop has left this wine with a very attractive natural fruity touch. The perfect companion to Asian cuisine.

  • Silver “Catavinum World Wine Competition”

Vineyard planted in 1886 by the Barzen family. Very limited annual production of centenarian old vines. The wine was made from a late harvest, (SPÄTLESE) selecting the grapes manually. In the mouth it is complex and with an enveloping depth, showing its mineral characteristic.

  • Gold “Catavinum World Wine Competition”

Very pleasant on the palate, accompanied by a great minerality of ´Kugel´ (spherical) character that makes the wine roll towards an almost limitless aftertaste. This dessert wine stands out for the extraordinary quality of the grape and its exclusive elaboration in ´GOLDKUGEL´ glass globes.

  • Big Gold “Catavinum World Wine Competition”
Remírez de Ganuza

Fermented in barrels, with different aromatic nuances from previous vintages, good evolution in the glass and the ability to accompany a good meal. Delicate aromas of aromatic herbs and mint, stone fruit and citrus.

  • 95 Ptos. Tim Atkin

pezas da portela

It is a tribute to Portela, origin of Godello. It is a village wine that is produced exclusively from the 11 historical pezas (plots) located on the slate slopes of the village of Portela, in the municipality of Vilamartín de Valdeorras.

Cepas vellas

It comes from selected grapes from the oldest vineyards of the winery and with a vinification process in the presence of its own lees for about 5 months in stainless steel tanks.

Fincas de Ganuza

It is a tasty and well-structured reserve, made from the shoulders of the best bunches from the youngest vineyards found between 25 and 40 years old. Vintage 2015 made with 95% Tempranillo and 5% Graciano.

  • 93 Ptos. Tim Atkin
  • 93 Ptos. Peñín
O luar do sil de córgomo

The wine that defines and embodies elegance. With him we arrive at a confirmation: the fortune of the vineyard is in line with the time factor. In the process, the variety's character –fresh, deep, savory– comes to an expression of great sensitivity and power.

  • 95 Ptos. Tim Atkin

o luar do sil
godello blanco

The small vines on the granite slopes express the mineral intensity of the Godello grape. This wine is its most direct elaboration: the faithful reflection of the viticultural landscape and the most expansive and jovial entry of the variety. And the result is all freshness, sharpness and life. The pleasure in purity.

Neno sobre lías

Neno, boy in Galician, is the youngest wine produced by Bodegas Viña Somoza, a 100% Godello located in the D.O. Valdeorras. Wine made on fine lees for 6-7 months.

  • 91 Ptos. Peñín
Dehesa de Los canónigos

It is the winery's flagship wine, an assemblage of tempranillo, merlot and cabernet sauvignon. A complete, expressive wine with a wide aromatic palette. A wine that is a reflection of history, the Dehesa de los Canónigos vineyard and the respect for the wine in the cellar during its production.

malbec reserva
vino argentino

Ruby red color with cherry highlights. Complex nose with a mix of red berries and aromas. spiced with escarpia and black pepper. Delicate notes of chocolate and coffee from oak. A structured and complex wine with pleasant tannins that provide sweetness and a long finish.

  • 94 Ptos. Suckling

cuesta de oro

A beautiful expression of the nobility of Verdejo aged on lees and aged in barrels. The vineyards, planted on rocky soils, are located on top of the Rueda plateau, at 600 meters altitude. These vines, guided with trellises, do not receive irrigation, so that its roots seek water at deeper levels, providing concentration and complexity to the berries.

  • 92 Ptos. Suckling
the macallan Estate

Extraordinary and unique Single Malt, a tribute made by The Macallan Master Distiller, Sarah Burgess, to the heritage and home of the mythical Scottish distillery.

Crema de fresa con tequila

Mex Strawberry is the perfect fusion of the rogue flavor of tequila and the smoothness of strawberry cream. The union between daring and delicacy.

crema de mango con tequila mex

Mex Mango fuses the sweet flavor of tropical fruit with the subtle touch of tequila. The union between daring and delicacy.

desperados mojito

Beer that results from combining the bitterness of a refreshing beer with the sweetness of tequila enriched with the flavor of the ingredients of the mojito: limit and refreshing mint.

cerveza el aguila

Inspired by the traditional methods of 1900 in which the beers, it's like fresh out of the tank, which gives it a slightly cloudy by having the yeast in suspension manually controlled by the brewmaster.

ausàs interpretación

Deep cherry red color. More Atlantic than continental model, giving on the nose all aromatic purity (wild black and blue fruits). It presents a forceful tannic plot but at the same time, although it seems contradictory, fine and elegant.

jack daniel´s fire

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Fire, the sweet and crisp flavor of cinnamon is revealed with the
smooth character of traditional Jack Daniel's whisky.

aceite de oliva
finca la torre

Intense fruitiness of freshly cut grass and olive leaf. Bitter on the palate, progressive and persistent spicy with hints of green almonds, apple and banana peel. Complex and balanced.

val do xuliana

The wild character is what predominates in the nose, although it is well adorned by fruity details and citruspeel. Glyceric in the mouth, tasty and with a good sensation of freshness that projects the
sensations towards the end of the journey.

Señorío de Rubiós
Condado do Tea

It is the traditional wine that our ancestors made in their homes, the one that best represents and identifies the characteristics of these lands of O Condado do Tea.

Comenge Biberius

A young wine made for the first time in 2008. His name is due to the Emperor Tiberius, whom his troops nicknamed "Biberius" due to the passion he felt for the wines of these lands.

Crema de Mango con Tequila Teichenné

The more tropical sister of strawberry cream. Mango Cream with Tequila is made with authentic Mexican tequila combined with the fresh notes of mango. Elegant, outstanding and modern. Milk-based creamy drink. Serve very cold. Contains milk.

Aalto 2019

It has just been recognized as «Best Red Wine of the year 2021» in the XIII Edition of the Best Wines and Spirits of Spain according to the Spanish Association of Wine Journalists and Writers (AEPEV).

  • 94 Ptos. Tim Atkin
  • 93 Ptos. Peñín
Floraison gin de France

A genuine gin created in 2006 and that stands out for a smooth and silky flavor thanks to a distillate from the flower of the Ugni grape blanc and other botanists from various corners of the world. It has a delicate, sweet and floral nose with spices reminiscent of cardamom and ginger, a mouth with very floral memories from its entry, that is integrated with other hints of ginger, juniper and green cardamom.

Nouaison Gin

Character gin spicy, woody, made in the mythical Cognac region based on a distillation of its famous grapes. Intensely aromatic thanks to the combination of premium botanical ingredients. Nouaison offers a wide palette of perfect flavors to create mixed drinks and classic cocktails.