Riedel Glassware is a manufacturer of high-quality crystal, best known in recent years for its fine special glasses for the consumption of wine and other spirits. It is headquartered in Kufstein, Austria.


Copa Riedel Degust. Alta (RED WINE) 489/0 560ML.
Copa Riedel Magnum Baja Ouverture 480/90 530ML.
Copa Riedel Nº1 Degustazione 260/0 995ML.
Copa Riedel Rest. Wine Glass 446/58 440ML.
Copa Riedel Rest. Champagne 446/48 260ML.
Copa Riedel Vinum Brandy 6416/18 84CL. EST.2UD

Schott Zwiesel Glassware is one of the world's leading glassware manufacturers. Many renowned sommeliers and chefs use schott zwiesel glass for their work spaces. At schott zwiesel the most demanding professional experts collaborate. Seeking to create timeless designs and excellent applications for crystal glass, which are reflected in the latest trends

Schott Zwiesel

Copa Living Diva Nº1 613ML. Schott
Copa Budeos Ivento 130 633 ML. Schott