Denominación de Origen Asturias

Welcome to the wine paradise of the Asturias Denomination of Origin, where tradition is intertwined with nature. In this northern region of Spain, the wines tell the story of a unique terroir that captivates the senses.

The Asturias Denomination of Origin is a tribute to authenticity. The autochthonous varieties, such as the white albarín and the red carrasquín, give life to wines that embody the spirit of the region. Each glass is an encounter with the Atlantic climate and the mineral soils that have nurtured these vines.

Asturias wines are a celebration of freshness. The whites display aromas of apples and citrus, as a tribute to the Asturian orchards. The reds, for their part, tell stories of red fruits and spicy notes, capturing the very essence of the soil.

The Asturias Denomination of Origin is a reflection of its people and its landscape. Each bottle is an invitation to explore the magic of this region that celebrates nature and the passion for wine. Toast with wines that exude the essence of Asturias and discover for yourself why this denomination of origin is a treasure for wine lovers.

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