Denominación de Origen Monterrei

Welcome to Monterrei, a wine treasure in the northwest of Spain. Here, the wines tell the story of a land that blends tradition and modernity. In this corner of Galicia, the Mencía grape and other native varieties are transformed into wines that reflect the passion and dedication of their producers.

Monterrei is an embrace of flavors. Its red wines capture the essence of red and black fruits, with hints of earth and spices. The bright and fresh whites convey citrus and floral notes that evoke the surrounding nature.

The region is a testament to geographic diversity. The Monterrei vineyards, protected by mountains and caressed by Atlantic winds, are the perfect setting for creating wines with character and personality.

Each bottle is a journey through centuries of winemaking tradition. Monterrei is a place where respect for the land and innovation go hand in hand. Discover the authenticity of this designation of origin in each glass, and toast the history and passion that overflow in each wine.

Bodega Martín Códax

Mara Martín Códax Godello