D.O. Aguardientes Y Licores Tradicionales de Galicia

Welcome to the world of the D.O. Traditional Spirits and Liqueurs of Galicia, a corner where distillation becomes art. In this Galician region, the distillates narrate the history and passion of generations of artisans.

D.O. Aguardientes y Licores Tradicionales de Galicia is a tribute to authenticity and tradition. The spirits, distilled from wines and herbal liqueurs, are glimpses of the heart of Galicia. Each bottle is a witness to the artisan process and the love for the land.

The flavors and aromas are a sensory poetry. From the aromatic herbs that perfume the liqueurs to the depth of the spirits, each drop is a journey through the rich Galician culture. Traditional spirits are more than drinks; they are a cultural legacy that is savored with each sip.

D.O. Aguardientes y Licores Tradicionales de Galicia encloses the essence of this land in each bottle. Toast with spirits that bear witness to stories told in flavors and aromas, and discover for yourself why Galicia is home to spirits that transcend time and the palate.

Bodega Martín Códax

Aguardiente Blanco Martín Códax
Licor de Hierbas Martín Códax
Licor Café Martín Códax